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Why you should belong to this Spiritual Family:

  1. YOU NEED HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

Our relationship cut across the different age group, sex culture, and language.  You cannot stay one moment without finding somebody to relate with and share the Word of god with.


People grow when they have a place to exercise the gift of God upon their life.   Therefore, Dominion Gate Ministries is available for you and is the platform to become what God purpose for your life here on earth.


As growth is imperative to every living organism, Dominion Gate Ministries encourages her members to first, grow in God (spiritually) in order to be able to maximize other areas of growth in life, business, academic and socially as expected.


Dominion Gate Ministries is an internationally acclaimed ministry with Church activates and ministries like   Theological School, Pastoral Leadership, and Christian Leadership Training outfits to equip all her members and partners.  Dominion Gate Ministries is large enough to accommodate, give you spiritual protection, direction and be able to spore and impart you positively.

What are the personal requirements for membership at Dominion Gate Ministries International, Inc?

  • Salvation: A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is assured.
  • Water and Holy Ghost Baptism.
  • Water Baptism is by immersion for an adult.
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a well important experience every believer is encouraged to go through if they want to grow deeper in the grace of God and live strong on earth.


In Dominion Gate Ministries, two months of faithful attendance and active participation in kingdom activities would guarantees membership.


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Brother Evans U.


I give God praises for His faithfulness towards me and my family. We have been believing God for a baby boy after wonderful girls. During the 2015 International Convention, we believed God that He will grant us this request. My wife took in and the pregnancy looked as if it was under attack but in August 2016, the good God prevailed and my wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Praise the Lord!

Brother Evans U.

Sis. Abengowe


My younger brother became addicted to drugs, he was so deep in it to the point of violence, fighting and insulting everyone. He decided to relocate to the village without any cogent reason, saying that he was tired of city life.

In July this year, I received a phone call that my younger brother was arrested and taken to the police station for a crime that was not mentioned to us.

My uncles told us that he was transferred to a rehabilitation home where he will be rehabilitated, not knowing that my uncles ganged up, conspires and sent him to Aba Prison.

He spent four (4) months in the prison and we were told that he was in a rehabilitation center. We continued praying for him.

During one of the morning showers prayers, I knelt down at the Altar and prayed to God concerning his case and God did it. My brother was released and to the glory of God, he is back to his senses, so calm and normal now.

Let the name of the Lord be exalted.

Sis. Abengowe

Twaleh Geply, USA.


Good day, Papa. Truly, I cannot miss the opportunity to participate in this year’s Thanksgiving, no matter how small. Papa, there is something I haven’t share with you and I know that is not fair.

40 days after I left the Holy Ground of Dominion Gates, Lagos, Nigeria. I received a marriage proposal from a very eligible man in Liberia. I simply told him, let’s pray, a day later, as I was in the doctor’s office for a job, the Lord told me that my season in America was over. God is simply Awesome. He has met my family and all. They are all holding their breath until I arrive. From the look of things, the wedding will be on April 30, 2016.

Oh, 1 hour after I left your presence, my invitation was confirmed to return to the Caribbean to preach. I will leave the US for Trinidad in 2016. Papa, I praise God for ears to hear Him. Early this year He spoke that whatever I did, I had to come to Dominion Gate this year, yes, my life is forever changed for the better.

I bless God for the Legitimate End Time Prophet that you are. Like you said in the Seed of Dominion that nobody will see that person you are supposed to marry. I give all praise to God.

Twaleh Geply, USA.

Mum Oyindamola, Lagos.


In April this year, the time my office pays bonus for the preceding year, I was paid a bonus N6.03m, the highest bonus I have received in the last ten years of working with the firm.

As at the time of receiving this bonus, I had a little over N6.03 left to pay on the N12m housing loan I took in 2013 to build our house.

Half of the bonus was used to offset the loan and the result was that I could complete the repayment of the balance of the loan by April 2016, by the grace of God. The loan that I thought would take me five in six years to pay back, would be repaid in three years.

Secondly, it made it possible for us to complete the second duplex of our house this year, just one year after moving to Lekki. I had thought that it would take us about two years to do that. God has met our needs in numerous ways.

I worked into my boss’s office in May and he said, “Oyinda, you are the only senior member of staff who has not attended an overseas training. Go and look for a course in corporate governance that you can attend.” After getting back to my office, someone sent me a brochure on a corporate governance course in Maimi for June 15-18. I forwarded it to him and he approved it. I ended up traveling twice to the US this year, which I never imagined at beginning of the year. On that training trip, I was booked on business class. It was a wonderful experience. Glory be to God.

One of my sons was unemployed for the last six months of 2014. He started work on January 5, 2015, and his appointment was confirmed in July.

That I have woken up each day this year, walked by myself each day, move my hands, see, speak, hear, smell, is even enough to thank God. I am not on a hospital bed. No member of my family has died.

Glory to God in the highest.

Mum Oyindamola, Lagos.

Brother Evans U


God has been faithful to me ever since. No wonder He says “I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy to.” I have always had this secret in which I shared with Apostle Patrick Utulu, alone some few months ago.

When I had the intention of getting into marriage, my wife and I decided to have a blood test run, the result came out later saying that my blood type was AS and that of my wife was AS also. The outcome of the test medically suggests that we could not get married (incompatible genotype).

We decided to go to another medical center and we were given the same result as of the first medical centre. The doctor in charge advised us not to get married in order to avoid giving birth to children we wouldn’t be happy with. But my wife and I had this faith in God and in ourselves that everything could only be possible with God and decided to lay down our problem before Him.

Therefore, I went to a church and presented a seed before God and forgot about the issues. Some years passed by and we became the talk of the town because of our childlessness. Later, God connected us to DGMI through Apostle Utulu and my wife gave birth to three daughters and we started believing in God for a male child. People told me that the cause behind our problem not giving birth to a male child was because of our blood group incompatibility. I replied to them saying “if that be the cause, I’m satisfied with my daughters. Even though I knew that there was nothing wrong with us.

Miraculously, in the year 2016, God blessed us with a baby boy. I decided to run a genotype test on all our children a few months after. The results came out and revealed that all my three daughters are AS and my son is AA. I took them to the same doctor that advised us 16 years ago not to get married to run the test again and the test read the same thing. All the girls AS and my son AA. They are all healthy, strong and doing well.

The Lord is faithful and may His name be highly praised. AMEN.     

Brother Evans U


APOSTLE (DR.) PATRICK UTULUFounding pastor of Dominion Gate Ministries Int’l (Inc.)
PASTOR FEMI ADELEKEChurch Administrator & Director of Finance Dept.
PASTOR BAWO OVIAGELEBranch Pastor Beautiful Gate Parish
PASTOR DR. MARY AWONIYIDirector of Missions and Outreach