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Recovering your Dominion by Apostle Dr. Patrick Utulu

In this sermon, you will be excited to know the limit of the devil and the boundary that God has put against the enemy, the devil. The boundary has been put by God from the beginning and the devil cannot do anything about you any more. You will also know the power of a holy life. Take time to listen to this all time sermon and surely, you will be blessed. Be ready for a repositioning.




From Crucified Hands to Resurrected Hands by Apostle Dr. Patrick Utulu

In this sermon, you will be inspired to know that a praying mouth must also have a believing heart, if there must be a miracle.  You will see what crucified hands means; it means a bewitched hand, a wounded hands, etc. also a Resurrected hands means a productive hands. Apostle Utulu by the help of the Holy Spirit brought life again from the word of God to reactivated the hands of men for better productivity. Never look away from this timeless message as it will catapult you to another level of productivity in life and ministry. Listen and be blessed. Your hands shall produce results again!!!!!!!!

Kingdom Motivation by Apostle Dr. Patrick Utulu

The Power of Laying on of Hands by Apostle Dr. Patrick Utulu

In this sermon, you would learn of the mysteries behind the Hand of the Lord on a man. The hand of the Lord cannot go down, neither can His hands go weak. His hand is a hand of Approval, Empowerment and ordination to represent Him on earth. You will learn of the importance of partnership with the Lord and how to maintain the Hand of God on your life. It is a life transforming message filled with wisdom and intensive prayers of liberation and consecration. Take time to listen and you will be blessed. May His Hand come upon you afresh!!!!!!!


The Power of Resurrected Voice by Apostle Dr. Patrick Utulu

Until a voice is heard in heaven, the earth will remain silent. This is one of the wisdom Word you will her as you listen to this all impactive message from God’s servant as he unveils John 1:4. You will come to understand that in the voice of the sons of God, there is life. It is a practical expository reminding us that our voice must be the voice of God on a matter. We will also understand that the battles of life is a battle of words. There is nothing the devil does without words and also there is nothing God can do without words. The resurrected voice is not an empty voice but one that gains attention in heaven and results on the earth. Take time to listen to this life transforming message, pray the prayers and believe the impactations. Your voice shall no longer be ordinary.