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My younger brother became addicted to drugs, he was so deep in it to the point of violence, fighting and insulting everyone. He decided to relocate to the village without any cogent reason, saying that he was tired of city life.

In July this year, I received a phone call that my younger brother was arrested and taken to the police station for a crime that was not mentioned to us.

My uncles told us that he was transferred to a rehabilitation home where he will be rehabilitated, not knowing that my uncles ganged up, conspires and sent him to Aba Prison.

He spent four (4) months in the prison and we were told that he was in a rehabilitation center. We continued praying for him.

During one of the morning showers prayers, I knelt down at the Altar and prayed to God concerning his case and God did it. My brother was released and to the glory of God, he is back to his senses, so calm and normal now.

Let the name of the Lord be exalted.

Sis. Abengowe


Good day, Papa. Truly, I cannot miss the opportunity to participate in this year’s Thanksgiving, no matter how small. Papa, there is something I haven’t share with you and I know that is not fair.

40 days after I left the Holy Ground of Dominion Gates, Lagos, Nigeria. I received a marriage proposal from a very eligible man in Liberia. I simply told him, let’s pray, a day later, as I was in the doctor’s office for a job, the Lord told me that my season in America was over. God is simply Awesome. He has met my family and all. They are all holding their breath until I arrive. From the look of things, the wedding will be on April 30, 2016.

Oh, 1 hour after I left your presence, my invitation was confirmed to return to the Caribbean to preach. I will leave the US for Trinidad in 2016. Papa, I praise God for ears to hear Him. Early this year He spoke that whatever I did, I had to come to Dominion Gate this year, yes, my life is forever changed for the better.

I bless God for the Legitimate End Time Prophet that you are. Like you said in the Seed of Dominion that nobody will see that person you are supposed to marry. I give all praise to God.

Twaleh Geply, USA.


I give God praises for His faithfulness towards me and my family. We have been believing God for a baby boy after wonderful girls. During the 2015 International Convention, we believed God that He will grant us this request. My wife took in and the pregnancy looked as if it was under attack but in August 2016, the good God prevailed and my wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Praise the Lord!

Brother Evans U.