25 Dec


How many of you knew or can still remember that in the life of the Jews during the wilderness journey, for 40 years they were in the bush; No market no light; they were like trading in the midst of wild animals. For 40 years and 40 nights that they were in the bush, they were not afflicted, only their disobedience caused heaven to bring the fire that killed some of them. But for a number of them, their shoe did not tear, their clothes did not wear out and of course, their body was not afflicted. What do you think was the cause? The Bible said that when they needed food, God fed them with manner. Manner means the food of angels. So, God fed them with the food of angels that are in heaven and that food immune them against all the pestilences and all the diseases for 40 years. I don’t know how old you are but I say to you for the rest of your life, God’s anointing for immunity shall rest upon your spirit, in Jesus’ name. God’s immunity means divine preservation. You become preserved from decay and evil.


“Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12
There is one deadly scripture in the book of Ecclesiastics 10:8 which says “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him”. Ebola is a demonic serpent, God can allow anything but if you can help yourself with an act of obedience, righteousness, and holiness, you can escape the judgment that is coming. This is not a time for a sinful life as a child of God but a time to live righteously, holding God and believing God to help you wait on Him for your time. Whatsoever that is your situation, believe God for your time. If you are a girl, believe God for a good godly husband. If you are a man, believe God to help you to wait and hold on, for the time that we are in is evil. This is not a time to get angry unnecessarily. It is not a time to violate the scripture and give yourself to drunkenness. It says “work out your own salvation with fear and with trembling”. Be a child of God; talk about Jesus, talk about what He has promised you in the word of God, talk about what Jesus can do, talk about what Jesus has done and stay firm in faith.
There are politics everywhere. So many people were saying that the PDP will win Osun state gubernatorial election. It would have been possible but they had a wrong candidate. So many Nigerians have not forgotten so many things that happened about the death of Bola Ige. How can you come and bring that same man suspected as your candidate. Listen, the world is looking out for integrity, the same way God is looking out for righteousness. You can get anything from God if you can protect your faith and your salvation.


“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13
Listen, it is God who is at works in you not the devil; both to will and to work of the good pleasure. It is God that is working in you not the devil and I know that no sickness in this world, no matter how deadly it is, can afflict God, the Creator. I also know that if God lives in me, and He is working in me, I can be safe no matter the affliction. There are things that can stop God from working in us; it is ourselves that can stop God from working in us. How? Through the power of sin. Let me explain this verse to you. There are two things here, the first is TO WILL and second is TO DO OR WORK.

  • TO WILL:
    To will means to help your desire. God respects your desire. Your desire is to live and to live healthy. God respects your desire, so he wants to bring you to His will, and His will is that He is the Lord that healeth thee. (Exo. 15:20) You are to live, placing a demand to what He has promised you.

  • TO DO: To Do means God is working in you to help your desire to work out. He is the giver of ability. He gives you ability. We call it supernatural ability, Inner energy to bring about your desire to work. If you have a desire and your desire is not working, then Christ is not in you. There is something that can make your desire to work out. That is the God in me. I am so conscious of the God that is in me. Every man and woman that he called that respects the rules, He blesses them. We watch these practices in the movies. I call it living and leading by the rules.
    God rules says, if you can keep yourself from sin, from errors and from every manner of evil; if you can keep your mouth from speaking unrighteousness, I can assure you that anytime you speak, God will hear from heaven. The Scripture says that prayers of sinners are an abomination unto the Lord. In the words of Dr. Christian Harfouche (our Father in the USA) he said “Every desire of the righteous has ability in the anointing to work out a divine purpose. And none of these desires can be late.” The desire of the righteous is never late. When the world is concluding that it is late, it implies that the Lord is still working it out. I want you to know that God is working in you to bring about His will for your life. You are no longer in the will of the evil ones, you are no longer in the will of your fathers or your mothers but you are in the will of your Saviour. He has saved you and redeemed you He has saved you and given you His anointing with the ability to work out your salvation in His plan for you. When you say no to sin, you are honouring the name of God, when you are say no to error you are honouring the name of God. I can assure you that nobody will say who will bring God down? Righteousness brings God’s power down. Righteousness brings God’s glory down; righteousness brings God’s joy down. I want you to know that no matter what you see in this world today Jesus remains the answer. Declare aloud! Jesus is the Answer, because Jesus is the Healer.
  • “TO DO OF HIS GOOD PLEASURE….” The pleasure of the devil, the expectation of the devil is that you will become a victim of his inventions. Two days ago, the US Government looked at the Terrorist in Iraq who were saying that they are going to wipe out Christianity in certain part of Iraq. They had a plan to kill thousands of Christian including the foreigners in that part of the world. They have already beheaded many Christian. President Obama commanded the Air force to strike their site in order to halt their evil plans.
    If you are just looking at yourself as a believer and you feel that you are not a threat to hell, it is because you are still in sin. When a believer walks out of sin, they become a threat to the world. They know that your prayer is spoiling a lot of evil inventions. That is why nobody can stop you against His will. Let them put their powder in their mouth and speak so that customer will come to them, they will be surprise to see that even with their powder in their mouth that the customer will walk to the shops of the anointed.
    Listen, the anointing is so magnetic. You cannot cover the glory that is in Christ Jesus. Christ and the anointing of Christ is what is working in you and in me. I make bold to say to you, “do not look for any other power anywhere at this time of this age.” Believe Christ that is in you for He is working out His purpose for your life and by the grace of God, you shall live to fulfill your mandate on earth, in Jesus name; you shall not die before your time. Declare aloud, Christ is in me, working out God’s purpose for my life, in the name of Jesus!
    When the devil is announcing Ebola and the government and the television media is announcing Ebola; I want you, with your facebook, your phone, by text messages and calls, to be announcing JESUS. When they are spreading the bad news, you spread the good news. Ebola kills but Jesus heals. The church must not be afraid. If he had not risen from the dead then we would have known that Ebola can have us; but to them that receive Him even to them that believe in His name, He gave them power to overcome Ebola (Roman 8:11). I declare you an overcomer, over Ebola and all other diseases, in Jesus name.
    The Bible said that the men of Ephraim were men that were armed but in the day of war, with their arms in their hands they fled from the enemy. During the time of M.K.O Abiola, in Nigeria, a lot of believers died, why? They were running because of the perception that there will be civil war when there was no war. They that stayed back and prayed to their God were saved, their homes, families and business were saved.
    When AIDS was here, many people almost died, even when they had fever, they thought it was AIDS. Now, they are saying that the symptoms of Ebola is fever, headache etc because the essence is that the devil wants to put fear in us. Do not be deceived by any symptom you have not confirmed medically. You will not contact Ebola, in Jesus’ name.
    Precautions: I want you to be mindful of simple hygiene at this time. Buy sanitizers, place it in your house, church, offices and do all you can to check on your water and food. A little care with God on our side will guarantee safety.
    Someone said that Dominion Gate is a school. Yes, it is a school because the God that we serve created the heaven and the earth and He wants us to be knowledgeable of the world that we live in. That is why He wants us to live in DOMINION DAILY. There are some things that govern your human body and your mind that can put you in charge and in control of everything around you. God cannot fear anything and anything that God cannot fear, you are not permitted to fear. The Bible tells me that whatsoever I bind shall be bound and whatsoever I loose shall be loosed. Listen to me, Ebola is a name and the Bible says that God has given Jesus a name that is above every name and that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow including Ebola. Don’t be afraid, Jesus is on His throne. Don’t be afraid, we have the weapon. We have the answer. The Scripture says, “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness” (Isaiah 41:10).
    Sin can make you loose your identity. Sin make you loose respect for your identity. When you loose hold of who you are, you begin to live in fear. Your identity as a child of God demand that you live a life of faith. Faith says I have been saved. Faith says I have victory; it says, Christ, lives in me. Faith says, I have the answer. Faith says though a thousand shall fall by my side and ten thousand at my right hand but it shall not come near me (Ps 91:7). Faith says that God is watching over me to keep me from all afflictions, including Ebola. I know who I am; I am the light of God, I am a bearer of God’s light on earth; I am a child of God. I am the salt of the world; I am the light of the world. The Bible says about Jesus, that in him was light and the light was the light of men. (Matthew 5:13-16). And in the midst of the darkness that Ebola may brings, the Bible says I shall shine like a light and I will continue to shine as a light. I say to you child of God, you have the answer; you are the answer. Declare aloud, I am the answer!
    God is the one that is working in you not the devil. The devil is the enemy of God. The reason why the enemy is confronting us is because we are the light of God, so the devil is attacking our light but the more God’s word settles in us, the more we shine forth. You are one of the divine agents planted on earth to dismantle the activities of hell and no demon or devil can kill you. I degree today, you shall live and not die, you shall live to fulfil the numbers of your days, in Jesus name.
    I woke up one Sunday and shared my series of dreams with my wife. In one of them, I was warning a young girl. I said to her “every short cut will lead to short life.” She said to me “You know I don’t have anyone to help me” I replied her “but you know the truth that with your ability and commitment, that your help will always come from the Lord.” Anything that takes the place of God in your life will surely shorten your days on earth. And I said to her, “when your mother or father is not there to help you, believe the Lord, he will raise help for you.” In 14 years of this commission, a number of our people who don’t even have parents have find their destiny because they believed that through our guidance and directions, they can find help to discover who they are. Beloved, long cut can be very painful but at the end of it, it will establish you in your destiny. Anyone that is patient in life and follow the principles of God, being taught in this commission, will find destiny. Never allow anyone to hinder God’s plan for your life. Don’t allow any man to come in between you and God, just stay tall in the covenant because the glory of God is coming your way in this nineth seasons of manifestation.
    Also in the second dream, I found myself in a conference in America, I was the only one that had a glass cup in my hands and the glass cup was more precious to me than my Bible. It was empty and indeed very empty. When we got to the place, Dr Christian Harfouche, my mentor, was preaching. I was seated at the second role. Some of my colleagues asked me to give them my glass cup; I said to them, “I came with this empty cup for the anointing to fill it.” They asked me why? I said to them again “you have to be empty to be filled. I come empty so that I can be filled” It is only a man or woman that is hungry that can have value for food. People that come to church without an expectation are not hungry. They come to church and return remaining the same without a change. There is a spiritual cup in my hands as I came this morning, and my expectation is that the Lord will fill the cup to its fullness with the anointing and the anointing will run over. It is only my overflowing anointing that God can take from to fill my people. When I remain dry, I cannot help you. If you are not filled to the overflow you cannot help your family. Christ is the one that is working in you both to do of His will for your life. I decree, no one under the sound of my voice in this teaching that shall live any longer under the will of the enemy, in Jesus’ name. I prophesy, you shall live in the will of God not in the will of man. You shall make it in life and you shall succeed in life, in Jesus’ name.
“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.” 1 Timothy 3:16
I have had dreams that we all gather in the village and buried my father. I woke up and it was a dream. This was about 15 years ago, I said to the Lord, “Lord, if this man dies now, he will not be honoured because I don’t have money though I know he has lived long but I am not ready.” I stood and declared, you power of death programmed on my father, the Bible says that whatsoever I bind on earth shall be bound and whatsoever I loose on earth shall be loosed. I am not ready to bury my father, so you spirit of death cast on my father, I bind you and loose my father from the chains of death. The next morning I picked up my phone and called my father, I asked him about his welfare and he said he had some fever, we prayed and that was all. He is still alive to date, 14th August 2014 after 15 years. This is one of the mystery of godliness. In godliness, the righteous relate with God. He hears God.
Great is the mystery of godliness. The secret of godliness is that when it is working the world does not see that it is working. I have always counseled that if you live in this age and there is no anointed man of God that is praying over your head, you are in danger. I also warned that you must be a tither because it is one of the weapons of victory by which God stops the enemy. The Bible says if you pay your tithe, He will rebuke the devourer which is sickness for your sake (Malachi 3:11). Great is the mystery of godliness, when they shot an arrow and they say we will deal with him, we will kill him and they call you up in their mirror and shot you. They will see the blood mark of Jesus splash all over you. The blood of Jesus preserves the righteous from the weapons and wickedness of the enemy from devouring us. The Bible says, no weapon fashioned against you shall stand nor prosper, so they can fashion their weapon but their weapon cannot work. Why? Because you are immune by the blood of Jesus Christ. God sent Ebola to Africa not because of you. I want you to know that the Boko Haram will be on the run by the advent of this more deadly disease. The Bible says “the wicked man runeth when no one pursues him. I prophesy, O LORD, pursue Boko haram with Ebola. The weapons of God has their strategy in God.

Justified in the spirit: It is the spirit of God in you that justifies, you are not the architect of the connections you have. When God is able to acknowledge that you are His and He is in you, justification will take place. You are justified by the spirit because the spirit beareth witness with our spirit that we are of God. The spirit connects the spirit, the spirit understands the spirit because it takes God to connect God, it takes God to believe God, it takes God to see God. If God is in you, you are gods and when you are gods, you are a spiritual property preserved in God never to be decayed in life by the enemy. There is such a mystery that the word cannot phantom. I decree upon you today, be immune against Ebola and every other killer diseases, in Jesus name. Peace.